How to Apply Press-On Nails

by victoria houllis

Mannequin Hands press-on nails are hand crafted with quality gel products and designed to last. With proper care you can wear and save them to be loved again and again. 

A step by step on how to apply your press-on nails

1. Wash and dry your hands
2. Push cuticles back with cuticles pusher
3. Buff the natural nail to remove any shine
4. Wipe the nail bed with the alcohol wipe to clean
5. Gently apply glue to the natural nail and to the press-on, hold the nail in place for 15 seconds
6. Avoid washing hands, applying creams or using chemicals for the next hour


Press-on sizing

To find your size, measure the width of your nail bed at its widest point using a soft measuring tape. Alternatively, you can place sticky tape across your nail and mark the edges of your nail bed with a pen, then place the sticky tape on a piece of paper and use a ruler to get the millimeters!


Thumb - 2 (16mm)
Pointer - 6 (12mm)
Middle - 5 (13mm)
Ring - 6 (12mm)
Pinky - 9 (9mm)


Thumb - 1 (17mm)
Pointer - 5 (13mm)
Middle - 4 (14mm)
Ring - 5 (13mm)
Pinky - 8 (10mm)


Thumb - 0 (18mm)
Pointer - 4 (14mm)
Middle -  3 (15mm)
Ring - 4 (14mm)
Pinky - 7 (11mm)


Removing Press-on nails

1. Apply oil generously to cuticles
2. Soak hands in warm soapy water until glue dissolves
3. Slide press-on nails off without force


Inbetween sizes

We'd recommend sizing up! You can always file and shape nails if they are a little big.


Incorrect size

All our nails are carefully handmade to order, so unfortunately we cannot be responsible if the wrong size is ordered. Please use our sizing guide to find your size and reach out if you have any questions.


Press-on longevity

With proper care, your nails can last up to 3+ weeks and can be reused and stored for another occasion.