About Mannequin Hands

by victoria houllis

Sydney-based nail artist Victoria Houllis first fell in love with all things nails early in life, rearranging her mum's nail tech's kit into colour order during her home visits. By high-school, she was collecting nail magazines from Kinokuniya and at 16 she bought her very first gel lamp.

In 2015, while studying journalism, she completed a gel course so she could finally get her hands on professional nail products. After practicing on friends and family and getting a few editorials under her belt, Victoria created the Mannequin Hands Instagram. She began taking clients after work in her home studio and soon requests turned from just friends, to friends of friends, to total strangers.

In 2019, she left her role as a marketing manager to pursue her love of nails full time. Since then she's had the pleasure of doing nails for Dua Lipa, M.I.A and Shy Girl. Victoria has had her work featured in Vogue, Paper Magazine, Oyster, Stylist and Acclaim.